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McLaren Senna Innovation - McLaren Hong Kong

We think of the McLaren Senna as a race car – we have designed and built it to perform on the track first and foremost. The active aerodynamics are pioneering, and the unprecedented visibility achieved through the unique glazed doors gives the driver total confidence.

Exhaustive, fearless engineering has led us to revaluate and reassess every component, no matter how small or insignificant, to maximise performance. We have used carbon fibre for the monocoque, the body and everywhere we need lightness, rigidity and strength – it is the reason the McLaren Senna is the lightest road vehicle McLaren Automotive has ever built.

Unprecedented active aerodynamics

The McLaren Senna produces up to 800kg of downforce – 200kg more than the McLaren P1™ – and active front aero blades and an active rear wing are key to unlocking such aerodynamic performance. The innovative active aero harnesses the airflow, optimises vehicle balance and keeps the aerodynamic window as broad as possible. This opens up the potential of the McLaren Senna and lets the driver push closer and closer to limits that push higher and higher with an increase in speed. The driver’s confidence grows, allowing them to brake later, carry more speed into corners and apply the throttle earlier.

Innovative suspension delivers peerless performance

The McLaren Senna combines all of McLaren’s knowledge to create the next generation of world-beating suspension: RaceActive Chassis Control II (RCC II). The cutting-edge suspension system has been designed to both generate and manage incredible aerodynamic loads, and create uncompromising track performance. RCC II allows the McLaren Senna to be driven on the road in relative comfort; however, select Race mode and the McLaren Senna can deliver a truly incredible lap time, with levels of downforce never seen before on a road car, and roll stiffness that is comparable to a GT3-specification race car. Quite simply, it is a ‘no compromise’ set-up.

A body built from lightweight carbon fibre

The all-carbon fibre body is incredibly light and has the immense structural rigidity needed to support the aerodynamic forces it is subjected to at high speeds on a racetrack. At 150mph, and under huge aero loads, the front splitter of the McLaren Senna deflects less than 10mm. The rear wing assembly is equally impressive and the carbon fibre construction allows it to support more than 100 times its own weight in downforce. Both the roof-mounted ‘snorkel’ intake and the intake plenum atop the twin-turbo engine are constructed in carbon fibre, serving to lower the centre of gravity.